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I delight in serving joyful couples with full hearts! This is the tagline of my brand, but what I’ve found as I serve more clients is that not only is it joyful couples, it’s the joy-FILLED couples that I connect with the most. Lauren Simmons Brides dream about the day that they get married to their sweetheart knowing that their wedding day is the first day of their lifelong marriage together. They are filled with joy, because that’s just who they are. They’re not afraid to be who they are. They desire for their wedding to be about celebration and for their guests to feel how much they are loved by them. There is careful consideration of all their wedding details because they both know that each one is a special part of their big day and that is a day that they’ll be able to look back on as the day where it all began. Their children and grandchildren will be able to look back at her pictures and say, “it is the perfect picture of their relationship, dedication to each other, and love for their friends and family. “

New Lauren Simmons Couples, I can hardly wait to get to know you more! Contact me to find out more about The Wedding Experience or just to chat :)

The 2018 Wedding Experience begins at $3,800 

Includes a complimentary engagement session.

The 2017 Anniversary Experience begins at $500

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